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Embrace your Future with ALB Counselling 

Your Self, Your Life

Let Me Hear Your Voice

 Counselling that Embraces You As You Are


I promise to help you open your heart and listen to what it's telling you

 Have you had enough of feeling sad, low and not good enough?

Do you want to speak your truth and not feel judged?

Are you longing to feel no longer alone, that your precious life is worth living?

You can feel lighter, clearer in your thoughts, relieved and hopeful. 

You can feel more connected to those you love and more motivated to live the life you want.

You can let yourself relax and turn down the blast of that critic in your head 

You can feel comfortable in your skin - finally

Reach out and call me on 07835 938042 or email me at

I have a wealth of experience in counselling adults, teenagers and young people.

I also have a wealth of personal experience - this is my touchstone, this connects my heart to yours. 

I accept that I'm not perfect, which is why you can trust me.

I offer individual counselling sessions in my practice in central Faversham, by telephone and online via Zoom. 


My inclusive practice welcomes diversity. 

My specialist areas are:

  • Anxiety and panic disorders

  • Low mood, lack of motivation and low self-worth

  • Depression and difficulties with addiction 

  • The experience of neurodiversity

  • Relationship difficulties, intimacy issues and adult attachment

  • Traumatic memories 

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Therapy for trainee counsellors 

I work with AXA, Vita Health Group, Care first, Aviva and BUPA

Reach out and call me on 07835 938042 or email me at

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Compassionate Counselling Services

Fostering Self-Acceptance and Personal Growth

Leaves Shadow

Your Space to Find Yourself

I will help you to make sense of yourself -  something you may have wanted for a long time.


You can lose that fear of being judged. You may judge yourself harshly but I won't.

You may feel totally overwhelmed and unsure where to turn with how you are feeling. It may feel really tough to burden others around you. 


This struggle deserves respect - this is hard.

Taking this step to reach out takes courage. It shows that deep down you have the tools to value yourself - we can uncover these together.

Imagine feeling happier and lighter, less weighed-down by sadness and confusion.

Imagine thinking more clearly, having mental space that's not clouded by worry or fear.

Imagine doing the things you want to do and having the relationships you long for.

I will work with you at a pace that suits you.

I offer short-term and open-ended counselling, including a 6-week block of sessions. 

We can have sessions face-to-face, online, by telephone - or a combination of these. 

Just get in touch by calling 07835 938042 or emailing me at 

Take that first step ... you will be so glad you've done it.

Meditation by the Sea

Your Space to Tune into Yourself

Being able to tune into yourself is a precious gift - I can help you achieve this.


It can feel scary to be out of touch with yourself. You may be overwhelmed by jumbled thoughts and emotions. You may feel numb, spaced out. Or both.

When your body and mind feel unbalanced and out of sync, coping with life is a real struggle. Being brave is hard work.


Learning how to soothe and calm your nervous system is something you can do for yourself. 

I can help you cultivate the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion - find a way of being kind to yourself. 

Imagine learning how to notice your thoughts and feelings - and respond to them with gentleness and love.

Imagine letting go of your self-critic, letting go of your shame and accepting you as you are - flawed and beautiful.

Believe me, that feels lovely.

You can give yourself that.

If you'd like to try, reach out and get in touch.

You can call 07835 938042 or email me at 

I'd like to hear from you.

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I believe that a different therapy must be constructed for each patient because each has a unique story (Irvin Yalom)

I would recommend Anna's services to anyone looking for a non-judgemental space to work through emotional and personal challenges (client testimonial)

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Central Faversham, Kent ME13

Online via Zoom

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